The most productive day of the week is TODAY. You cannot deliver results on what you (might) do tomorrow.

Strategic Partnerships
We carefully identify effective, recognized, and meaningful coaching and training partnerships to present a customized workshop for your teams – incorporating the key messages of our strategic partners and the institutional expertise of each.

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Established partnership with Miller Heiman Group in 2002, to assist organizations with what needs to happen to achieve accelerated sales performance.

What critical processes and tools need to be implemented for sustained improvement?

Miller Heiman Group’s world-class sales processes have been the benchmark for hundreds of organizations worldwide, companies that seek to achieve exceptional sales performance, year over year.

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Management Research Group (MRG) is a world leader in assessment instruments.

For more than 20 years, we have worked with MRG to measure top performers against their counterparts.

What do they do differently? How can we capture and provide best practices that everyone can leverage?

We provide individual and team assessments, personalized feedback with focused action strategies  that leverage best practices and provide a template for Sales Results Now.

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John Baker and his award-winning program, "The Asking Formula" provides an immediate skill building aid for those who need to be more concise, focused, and diplomatically aggressive in asking for what they want….from any audience: prospects, clients or internal partners.

The simple truth is: Better ASKING leads to better results.

The Asking Formula is the most effective, straight-forward and high-impact process for structuring best-in-class persuasive communications that allow your sales teams to achieve their objectives.

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